Altiplano Part 1 -Argentina

So close to the sky…

In the summer of 2017 I did a seven weeks’ road tour to the Altiplano of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. I drove almost 10.000 km mostly on gravel or dirt roads on altitudes between 0m (Iquique in Chile) and 4995m (Paso Abra del Acay in Argentina). I had 44 (!) sunny days altogether with incredibly blue skies and often longed for some photogenic clouds in vain. I drank innumerable cups of coca tea and swallowed dust by the pound. I did not meet many people in these lonely regions but those I met were incredibly friendly and helpful. As a photographer I suffered badly from not being able to take portraits of these beautiful and proud people as they believe that with every picture taken their souls split up into more parts which after death they would have to search for… I respected their wish and confined myself to landscape and wildlife photography.

July – September 2017