Back in Kerkini

I had hardly returned home from my first visit to Kerkini when I decided that I would visit this magic location again for New Year’s Eve 2018 – this time with my husband and my friend and his wife. We spent 8 intense days photographing the magnificent Dalmatian Pelicans from dawn to dusk, enjoyed sunny and cloudy days as well as a lot of snow towards the end and the four of us were all absolutely fascinated by the big birds in their beautiful courtship plumage and the picturesque surroundings. As conditions changed daily we could take advantage of an abundance of different photo opportunities. We had a lot of fun with wonderful (and freezing) boat trips and exciting shore feedings and as Uwe kept on supplying new photo ideas and inspirations for ever we never tired of watching and photographing the Pelicans…

At the end of this wonderful holiday a new challenge was awaiting me: 
An English photo travel company had asked me to guide the 3 Kerkini photo holidays in January. This proved to be a wonderful and exciting experience for me. Since the weather had grown quite chilly with the beginning of the 1. photo travel the lake started to freeze over and we had to face new challenges everyday in tracking the birds who were avoiding the usual locations as they were afraid of landing on the ice. Thanks to my wonderful Greek co-guide we managed well and could offer yet different photo opportunities with Pelicans on the frozen lake …landing on their butts and slipping and sliding on the ice they sometimes just looked so comical 😀. During the 3. photo holiday the ice started to melt and we were able to return to our usual boat trips. All went well and I sure hope to eventually return to this stunning location, the magnificent birds and the hospitable people of Kerkini. Big thanks to everybody who made this stay truly rewarding and unforgettable to me!

December 2018/January 2019