Colorful Burano – new

This small fishermen’s island is situated about a 45 minutes’ ride with the vaporetto way out in the Venetian Lagoon and although it belongs to Venice it looks completely different. It’s been known for its luxurious skillful needlework for over 500 years and for its colorful little houses which are reflected in the channels. The legend says that the fishermen have painted their houses so brightly so that they would find their way home in foggy nights or when they have had one too many…. Needless to say that the picturesque island attracts photographers and painters likewise. When I’m in Venice I always spend a couple of nights on Burano; I just love the quiet mornings and evenings before and after the daily invasion of the tourists when the island belongs only to the islanders… and a little bit to me, too …☺️

January 2014 – December 2019