Dalmatian Pelicans in Kerkini

Welcome to Lake Kerkini

As soon as I had set eyes on some photographs of Dalmatian Pelicans on the internet I knew that I was going to visit them, I was so deeply enchanted by them. Half a year later I was standing on the shores of Lake Kerkini and I discovered that these majestic birds were even more charming than I had first imagined. With a wingspan of more than 3 meters and an average weight of about 12 kg they belong to the biggest birds able to fly and living on fresh water lakes. You can watch them from ashore as well as from the boat, but the early morning boat trips with famous boatman and Pelican expert Vasilis were a treat by themselves. He kept them entertained and happy so that we could catch wonderful moments. The colorful sunrises with these gorgeous birds in front is something you will never forget as well as the sight of the lake that lies calm like a perfect mirror for the flying Pelicans. I was amazed at the sheer abundance of photography opportunities; birds flying, landing, portraits, close-ups, details, panning, long exposures, reflections, wide angle shots, single birds, pairs, groups  vying for fish & and many more. What a wonderful experience…

January 2018