In the forest

There’s a very well-known little forest in Fischen in Allgaeu where you can photograph curious tame squirrels as well as nutcrackers “in the wild”. During the week and outside school holidays there’s a good chance to do that in peace. It’s easy to bait them with hazelnuts or walnuts and they’re usually very cooperative. On weekends and during school holidays particularly when the weather is fine the flocks of tourists that hit the forest can definitely put one’s patience to the test. They often bring their dogs which makes the squirrels stay away at all or they carry along bags full of peanuts at best, but often even cookies, popcorn or other “natural” food to lure the squirrels onto their hands to get selfies with them…quite a hustle and bustle…After such an invasion the forest floor is covered with leftovers and the droll little animals are sure to be lying in a comatose sleep in their drey to digest all the food….

September 2020