Lençóis Maranhenses

An otherworldly Beauty…

Endless white sand dunes up to the horizon interrupted only by crystal clear turquoise fresh water lagoons create a truly otherworldly landscape in the Northeast of Brazil. I’m not sure if I had ever stumbled across this fairy tale region if it hadn’t been for my friend Uwe Hasubek who has intensively traveled South America in general and Brazil in particular before and urged me to go there. In Germany the Parque Nacional dos Lençois Maranhenses is not very well known so far and my travel guide dedicates only a lousy half page to this area where I spent ten days in awe and wonder… I traveled on foot, by Jeep, Buggy, boat and once by plane as most roads are sand tracks or waterways. At first sight I’ve been fascinated by this plain and unpretentious landscape, its geometrical lines and forms, the forever changing patterns of the sand and the prevailing two colors – white and all shades of turquoise … but also by the Brazilian way of enjoying holidays: I really loved finishing the day swinging in a hammock and sipping a cool Caipirinha while watching the sunset and reviewing just another beautiful day in this Brazilian paradise.

Dresscode: Shorts, Top, Flipflops, Sunglasses 😎

July 2018