Pantanal – the Brazilian Serengeti

Or: A Phototour in Flipflops…

„What and where on earth is “Pantanal”?”, I have been asked many times when I told my family and friends about my upcoming travel destination…I have to confess that I had to look it up myself when I first heard about it a year and a half ago.

Citing Wikipedia it “it is a natural region encompassing the world’s largest tropical wetland area. It is mostly located within the Brazilian state of “Mato Grosso do Sul” and boasts the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent. The open marshes of the Pantanal are home to an immense variety of life, from the majestic jaguar, giant anteater, tapir, marsh deer, jacare caiman, piranha, howler, capuchin monkey, the green anaconda to the jabiru stork, different kinds of herons, the gorgeous hyacinth macaws in their deep indigo plumage, the kingfisher… just to mention a few of them…

It is very easy to watch all these animals from a boat but partly also walking on dry land. The early morning boat trips on the vast rivers down in the Southern Porto Jofre with the rising sun basking the water in red, pink and orange light are among the most beautiful experiences I can recall… I was truly overwhelmed by the incredible abundance of impressive wildlife, by the beauty of nature, the friendly and easygoing ways of the Brazilian people and the perfect organization of our tour. I sweated like hell, I had about a thousand itchy but harmless mosquito bites, I almost froze to death when out of the blue a cold front from Antarctica rushed in and I had to do without my beloved Icebreaker layers (!). And nevertheless I had the time of my life… actually it was my first photo tour ever in the typical Brazilian footwear: flip flops. 

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July 2018