Italy – Tuscany

Iconic photo locations and culinary delights…

Visiting Tuscany is always a special treat. Tiny medieval towns hiding behind thick walls, cypress alleys winding up the steep hills, lush rolling hills basking in golden sunlight and morning mist wavering over silvery olive groves and neatly arranged vineyards just to mention a few things that make my heart jump for joy upon every return to this photographer’s paradise. I’ve mostly visited Tuscany in May when the landscape is dominated by hues of green and blue due to a luxuriant vegetation and mostly clear skies with distinct clouds sailing over the horizon, whereas fall is characterized by the shades of ochre of the stubble fields and the freshly ploughed earth. Without the lush vegetation the graphic lines of the slopes and hills become even more evident thus reducing the landscape to its essentials and creating the opportunity of minimalistic pictures. 

What remains the same independent of the season is the delicious food and the excellent coffee that both help photographers to survive the long long photo days from dawn to dusk.

May 2013 – May 2018